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Nutrition Counseling In Slidell!

Nutrition is one of the primary keys to good health. Unfortunately, good nutrition and good health are often taken for granted. You may have a special nutrition need or just want to learn how to improve your meal planning. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program can help!

Ideal Protein, now a part of the new Comprehensive Weight Loss Center at Ochsner Medical Center - North Shore, offers private consultations, classes, and programs designed to help you make the right nutritional choices. Available for your needs are the following programs:

Medical Nutrition Therapy

With one-on-one nutrition counseling, as well as group programs, Slidell Memorial’s medical nutrition service can offer solutions and strategies for your specific disease states and help achieve a healthier you. Contact our registered dietitian at (985) 280-1530 or (985)-280-1632. You can also email

Inpatient Nutrition

Should you require an overnight hospital stay, Slidell Memorial can help you understand your body’s individual nutritional needs and meet any diet plan. Contact our registered dietitian at (985) 280-1530 or (985)-280-1632. You can also email

Weight Loss & Fitness Planning

These nutrition programs offered by Slidell Memorial Hospital are ideal for a person looking for weight management options and programs to improve his health and stamina. Lose weight fast with our Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Program. Meet with our health coaches for a weekly fitness plan. Call our registered dietitians at (985) 898-7255 or email

If You’re Committed to Losing Weight & Learning Smarter Lifestyle Habits...We’ll Help You Achieve those Goals!

Nutrition Wellness Programs

Individual Counseling

Slidell Memorial dietitians offer one-on-one solutions and strategies for weight loss and weight management and can enhance your ability to maintain your health and stamina. A health coach is available for fitness planning.

Registered Dietitians & Health Coaches

All of Slidell Memorial’s nutritional programs are staffed by Registered Dietitians (RD's). A registered dietitian is a food and nutrition expert who has the educational background and training to help you manage your nutritional health. Our Health Coaches are educated and experienced in health fitness planning. At the hospital, registered dietitians may meet with inpatients and outpatients for their special dietary needs.

Educational Programs/Classes

  • Diabetes Education classes meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.
  • Diabetes Support Group meets the 3rd Monday of each month (Sept-June).
  • Congestive Heart Failure class is offered the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month.

We’re available to provide nutritional counseling for specific health concerns, such as:

· Obesity and weight loss

· Pre-Weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery)

· Celiac Disease

· Heart health (hypertension, elevated triglycerides, high cholesterol)

· Food Allergies

· Lactose Intolerance

· Kidney Disease

· Metabolic health (Diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome – PCOS, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia)

· Cancer (decreased appetite, dry mouth, constipation, loose stools)

· Healthy Eating

· Pregnancy (hyperemesis, gestational diabetes gestational hypertension, weight management, gallbladder and kidney issues)

· Pediatric nutrition counseling for childhood obesity.



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