SMH Statement in Response to Arrest Of David Mannella

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SMH Statement in Response to Arrest Of David Mannella - Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Slidell Memorial Hospital is in the business of healing. Our first priority is caring for our community. Every member of the SMH team owes our community trust, respect and integrity. Given the nature of the allegations against SMH Board of Commissioners member David Mannella, Board Chairman Daniel Ferrari has called an emergency meeting tomorrow, Sept. 13, at noon, for a vote of the Board to request Mr. Mannella’s resignation.

In our initial statement yesterday after learning of these serious charges, we focused on answering the questions about Mr. Mannella’s involvement with SMH. We regret our initial statement did not reflect how serious we take these allegations, or how deep our concern is for the victim and her family. We are your community hospital, and we work with and care for our neighbors, friends and family every day. 

We will continue to work to support a safe environment for our team members, patients, their families and the community at large. We stand with all victims of violence and will continue to show support to community causes that do so. 


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