Bedside Pharmacy available at SMH

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Bedside Pharmacy available at SMH - Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Patients at Slidell Memorial Hospital can opt to have their discharge prescriptions filled quickly and delivered directly to their hospital room by the Walgreens pharmacy. Patients will receive their prescriptions prior to being discharged, eliminating an extra stop between hospital and home. The service is completely optional and provided solely as a convenience to patients.

Upon admission, patients are asked if they are interested in the bedside delivery program. Those who express interest are contacted by a Walgreens technician, who facilitates the service.

The bedside-delivery service is available to patients Monday through Friday. Walgreens verifies that the patient's insurance coverage and handles the insurance authorization. A pharmacy technician then delivers the medication order directly to the patient in his or her hospital room prior to discharge. A pharmacist consults with the patient concerning his or her medications before discharge, and the pharmacy performs a follow-up with the patient within 48 hours to answer any medication questions.

Bedside medication delivery provides an additional opportunity for patient education before discharge and saves patients a trip to the pharmacy on their way home. Both serve to increase patient understanding and compliance of the medication regimen, which is proven to help reduce readmission rates.

The bedside medication delivery service by Walgreens is just one more example of the high-quality care patients come to expect at SMH.


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