Going Home

Coming Home After Giving Birth


Your physician, and the baby's doctor will determine your discharge date and the nursing staff will make arrangements for your departure. Be sure to collect your personal belongings before you leave. Call the nurses' station when you are ready, and you will be taken to your vehicle in a wheelchair by one of our staff members. Upon request, home prescription medication will be delivered to your bedside before discharge.

Car Seats

State law requires that all infants be secured in a federally approved car seat at all times. Please remember to have your car seat installed in your vehicle, to ensure your baby's safety on the way home.

Coming Home After Giving Birth

Community Outreach Center

SMH is here to help you celebrate other milestones as your baby grows. The SMH Community Outreach Center's educational classes and discussion groups are designed to help families gain confidence in parenting skills. Programs and support groups address topics such as child development, discipline, feeding and sleep tips and children's health issues. Interactive children's programs from infancy to adolescents are also available. To receive regular updates on classes or to find out more information about the SMH Community Outreach Center, please call (985) 280-8529 or visit our Community Outreach page.

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