Employee Standards of Employment

ATTITUDE: At Slidell Memorial Hospital we believe that we are here to serve our customers. Our mission as a community-based health system is to meet the needs of our customers by providing excellence in health maintenance and education services in a compassionate and cost effective manner. Our customers' most basic expectation is to be treated with courtesy. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service and meeting our customers' needs with utmost caring and courtesy. Our manners and expression will convey our concern for and willingness to serve our customers. Remember everyone is your Customer!
APPEARANCE: Our appearance represents the Slidell Memorial Hospital organization. Therefore, our grooming and dress will reflect our respect for our customers. While we are on duty, we will first consider our customers' expectations in how we present ourselves. We will take pride in our facility and do our part to maintain an uncluttered and litter-free workplace.

COMMUNICATION: The goal of communication is understanding. We must be committed to listening attentively to our customers and co-workers in order to fully understand their needs. Close attention should be given to both verbal and nonverbal messages. Our messages to customers should be delivered with courtesy, clarity and care. We must speak in terms that can be easily understood to avoid confusing customers.
SENSE OF OWNERSHIP: Every Slidell Memorial Hospital employee must feel a sense of ownership towards his or her job. By this we mean taking pride in what we do. Feeling responsible for the outcomes of our efforts, and recognizing our work as a reflection of ourselves. Take pride in this organization as if you owned it.
COMMITMENT TO CO-WORKERS: At Slidell Memorial Hospital, we are linked to one another by a common purpose; serving our patients and our community. Our co-workers, therefore, are our teammates. They deserve our respect. Without their contributions, none of us could perform our jobs. Just as we rely on our fellow employees, they rely upon us. Each of us has obligations to our co-workers.

PROMPT RESPONSE: Employees will respond promptly to all requests for assistance from customers in a way that demonstrates the care, courtesy and respect our customers deserve.

PRIVACY/CONFIDENTIALITY: Employees will ensure our customers' right to privacy and modesty by creating and maintaining a secure and trusting environment. When entrusted with customers' affairs, employees will treat all information as confidential. Discussion of these matters will be restricted to situations where the information is necessary to meet the customers' health needs. Employees should not conduct conversations in areas where others may overhear confidential information. Employees should pay special attention to conversations in areas such as passageways, elevators, nursing units, waiting areas and the cafeteria. Our concern for customers' privacy will help promote peace of mind, security, and confidence and lessen their anxiety.

CUSTOMER WAITING: At Slidell Memorial Hospital we recognize that our customers' time is very valuable. We strive to provide our customers with prompt service, always keeping them informed of delays and making them feel comfortable while they wait.

PUBLIC BEHAVIOR: Our behavior and manners in public can create a favorable impression on our patients, visitors and co-workers. All employees must be aware of their surroundings.

SAFETY AWARENESS: Safety must be the responsibility of all Slidell Memorial Hospital employees to ensure an accident-free environment. "Think safe, act safe, be safe and stay safe” is the safety awareness creed.



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