The Slidell Memorial Cancer Services Program, accredited and designated as a Community Cancer Center Program by the American College of Surgeons, combines the expertise of an outstanding staff of specialists and nurses, with the most advanced treatment and technology to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients.

SMH has invested millions in cutting-edge technology to bring the most advanced radiation therapy available to our patients.

IGRT with RapidArc Technology SMH was one of the first hospitals in the country and the first in the Gulf South to use Image-Guided Radiation Therapy, or IGRT, the most precise treatment for tumors in the world. The machine provides both radiosurgery and radiation treatment capabilities. It delivers higher radiation doses directly to tumor cells, leaving healthy tissue protected, and resulting in successful treatments for many patients.

SMH's IGRT system is powered with RapidArc technology, a linear accelerator system which continuously targets the radiation from virtually every angle in a 360-degree revolution around the patient. IGRT with RapidArc delivers treatment two to eight times faster than before.

High Dose Brachytherapy Brachytherapy directs intense radiation directly into cancer cells via a catheter in the site of the tumor, causing no residual radiation and virtually no side effects. This treatment shortens the course of radiation from many weeks or months to only a few days.

In conjunction with SMH's outstanding imaging services, the Cancer Center utilizes advanced equipment to provide faster, more accurate diagnosis to patients and their doctors, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Since January 2011, the SMH Regional Cancer Center has provided a centralized location for patient treatment for greater coordination of care and convenience for cancer patients in the region.



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